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The splendour of a country resort and the grandeur of Kedah architecture make Harvard Golf & Country Club a heavenly getaway for business or leisure.

Located within the vicinity of the sprawling Harvard Golf & Country Club in Bedong near Gurun, the country club has a 18-hole golf, team building facilities, offering a world of comfort, serenity and excitement.

A Journey Into Our Past

Reopening of Harvard Estate Club on June 5th 1948

History began in 1927 when British administrators and rubber planters formed a country club on Kedah's fertile soils. As one of the oldest clubs in the country, Kelab Harvard was planned in the tradition of an exclusive country club. With its cool mountain air that calms the senses and hilly terrains that invigorate the soul, Kedah's idyllic nature became popular amongst the northern elite. From planters to royalties, the club grew into a renowned 9-hole golf course in 1956.

Harvard Club

The Harvard's name and distinction continues today in Harvard Jerai. Set to become Kedah's pride, Harvard Jerai is a fully integrated mixed development project encompassing three exclusive properties that spreads across 585 acres of tropical parkland and scenic hilly countryside. Where east meets west and modern convenience complements Mother nature, Harvard Jerai is your ideal gateway to relax and fraternise. Welcome to Harvard Jerai. The land where "Eagles" rest, stay and play.


home4 hrThe state of Kedah spans approximately 9, 425 sq. km in the northern part of the Peninsular and together with Perlis, Perak and Kelantan, shares a common border with neighbouring Thailand. It is a fairly small state. Its population is about one million primarily Malay, though significant Chinese and Indian minorities can be seen. It is known as the "Rice Bowl of Malaysia" where its rice plains together with Perlis produce more than half of the country's home grown rice supply. Its state capital is Alor Setar. Harvard hotel is about an hour's drive from Alor Setar, and you can easily get around by public taxi or private car. Kedah enjoys a humid tropical climate all year around with seasonal monsoons in September to November. The official currency is the Ringgit Malaysia.

Destination Guide

While in Kedah, do ask around where are the best places to visit. Here, we compiled a few places that are significant to Kedah.

What to SEE

Alor Setar Tower

Standing at 165.5 meters tall, the Alor Setar Tower is the 19th tallest telecommunication tower in the world. There's an observation deck at 88m to look for the crescent moon to mark the beginning of Muslim months.

Bujang Valley

Visit the Archaeology Museum Bujang Valley located at Batu Pahat Hill. It was the first archaeology museum built in Malaysia and showcases several artefacts found in ancient times. These include celadon, porcelain, stoneware, clay, pottery, fragments of glass, beads and Persian ceramics.

Kilim River Cruise

The Kilim Nature Park spreads over an area of 100sq. km that features a mixture of protected green mangrove forests, isolated white beaches and blue lagoons. Through this river cruise, you will be able to witness the wonders of the park's marine ecosystem, flora and fauna and its natural habitats. You can also hand feed the various marine life – groupers, bat fish, blue spotted stingrays, lobsters, mantis prawns and snappers. It also has a floating restaurant where visitors could choose their seafood selection from the fish farm and have the restaurant cooked the way they desired.

Dayang Bunting Lake

Steeped in legend and adorned with natural beauty, this lake is worth a visit. It is believed that that barren women who bathe in this lake will be endowed with a child.


Rice Delights

As Kedah is known as the 'Rice Bowl of Malaysia' and rice being the staple food in Malaysia, it has several distinctive rice delights that whets up any appetite. One of the local's favourite is Nasi Ulam. It is actually rice mixed with various fresh raw vegetables and rare spices. It can be eaten like that alone or paired with meat or other dishes. It is usually eaten during the fasting month of Ramadan.

Also popular is the Pulut, one of their famous rice dishes. It is glutinous rice which is paired with fruits such as mango, durian and bananas. Aside from fruits, it could incorporate savoury side dishes such as sambal. Pulut Inti and Tapai Pulut are other variations of glutinous rice found here.


The laksa is another popular dish among the people of Kedah as well as other states in Malaysia. The dish consists of thick rice noodles or rice vermicelli and is eaten with fish curry, cucumber slices and onions. It exudes the rich fish broth with spices and is slightly spicy and sweet.


Kedah's taste buds are more inclined to the sweet side hence desserts and sweet dishes are popular here. These sweet indulgences include Baulu and Dodol. These sweet cakes are made from flour, coconut and sugar.

Kuih Karas is also a popular dessert. The crispy, sweet kuih that resembles fried vermicelli can be widely found at stall and markets around Kedah. Another sweet delicacy here is Serabai, a rice flour pancake laced with thin syrup made of coconut milk and sweetened with palm sugar.


Traditional local delights include Gulai Nangka or known as jack fruit curry. The locals have a penchant for spicy food. Their dishes heighten their curries with the use of tamarind and sambals. It is also popular with Sayur Kelado and Pekasam.

Kedah is also famous for its seafood. Grilled fish is one of the many local favourites. Fish choices include ikan terubuk, kembung, pari and keli. They are usually marinated in spices before grilled. You can try its chilli crabs, grilled squids or prawns. Salted fish and fish crackers are quite a delicacy here too.

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